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Appropriate Designs is a Connecticut residential green design and build firm. Our roots are in the age old master builder tradition in which the most competent and experienced craftsmen are elevated to the position of designer of the structures that at one time they would have helped build.

Our name reflects the belief that good design must be appropriate to the aesthetic, programmatic and budgetary needs of the client. And that the completed residence must be scaled correctly, honor the opportunities and restrictions of the site, utilize solar heating, lighting and ventilating resources, consume little or no energy derived from fossil fuels and be constructed of materials that do no harm to the inhabitants or the environment.

Appropriate Designs is proud to be the distinguished winner of the Connecticut Zero Energy Challenge 2010-2011.  Read more…




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Exterior Insulation

Exterior Insulation

Sided and sheathed exterior insulation at gable end from foundation to shop fabricated gable vent. Dense pack cellulose fills the stud cavities on the interior side for a total wall R 45 insulation value. 20" of loose pack cellulose above 2nd floor ceiling joists...

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Buildings exist in a context, that of the natural and built environment. Green buildings are those that sustain and replenish those environments. Our design practices routinely embody these concepts through…

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By custom design we mean the process by which the special features of your site, your aesthetic preferences and your spatial needs guide us in designing a residence that is respectful of your budget and the natural environment.

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Richard L. Sherman
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office:  860-455-2000